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Glenn Beck   Ex MSM presenter

Lionel Nation. News with NY Wit

Tim Pool.  Truther from the middle

Styxhexenhammer   To the point

SGT Report. The darker side of news

X22 Report.  Financial Collapse

The Rubin Report  Slick truther from the middle

The Still Report.  been going for years

Info Wars  Infamous entertainer

Project Veritas    Under cover reporting

Mark Dice    To the point

Ron Paul   Long time constitution advocate

Really Graceful   Deep dig conspiracy factor

Dustin Nemos   Anti MSM Truther

Patriot Soap Box  24/7 live video covering "Q"

HA  Goodman   Observant journalist

Rush Limbaugh    Biggest conservative  Radio personality in the US

Dark Journalist.  Deep dig think detail 

We are change   up beat truther  journalist

Lisa Haven    Dive's in head first

EMichaelJones   out spoken  historian

Owen benjamin-  The bear WILL call it out

Redice TV  Slick presentation to the point

Dollar Vigilante   Archaist  with a radio show

Just Informed Talk "Q"

Truth And Art TV  "Q"

Robert Scott Bell  "Natural Health"

Greg Hunter    Conservative interviewer with great guest's

Soph    young  Female,  Very Direct 

PragerU     Slick presentation thruther's

Joe Rogan    Biggest podcast in the US  Amazing guest's

Breitbert      Well known go to news site

MCALLISTER TV   Female "Q" Coverage

Freedom Force Battalion.  Female patriot Religious based

Dr Steve Turley      Optimistic Patriot

MLCHRISTIANSEN     Slick production covering Global politics

Zero Hedge      Go to site for many people

Pete Santilli        Live Daily, Patriot Broadcaster.  Slick Production

Renaissance Horizon       Host that cover's the rise of Patriotism

Jennifer Veterans 4 Truth.    Young female conservative speaking up about lesser reported headlines.



Americanuck Radio    Out spoken radio host that calls a spade a spade

Rebel Media.  Slick production with a, I don;t think so approach 

The Corbett Report.  Host. Think detail that's well sourced

The Raging Humanist       Ex military  with a great sense of humour

Amazing Poly     Deep dig into corruption 

The Myth Is Canada   Doug Force and co conservative constitutionalists

Press For Truth  Host that call's a spade a spade

World Alternative Media   Covers corrupt financial institutions

Black Pigeon Speaks    World coverage based in Philosophy

Faith Goldy      Outspoken patriot concerned with immigration

Stefan Molyneux     Philosophy based host with call in's

 Whats up Canada     Calling out  corruption in Canada

Justin Cringe    Funny

The Houndog,        Analysis of World News & Culture



World Broadcasting Network "WBN324"  Host site dealing in radio infrastructure

Sunday Long Live Radio      Slick Production Upbeat Multi host radio show

The Duran   Host's    Think detail and deep knowledge

Tommy Robinson      Investigative  journalist

Paul Joseph Watson.  Upbeat Ranter  who calls out **

WTF Radio.     Upbeat Ranter into natures law

Sargon of Akkad    Call's out  **** when he sees it

David Icke   Thinks outside the box

Pat Condell    Calls a spade a spade

Based Amy   straight talking truther

Morgoth Review   Calm Insight's  with a fireside feel

Anna Brees    Ex MSM host concerned with truth

T V V C      Think, "Reveal"

- DangerField     Insightful easy viewing/listening

Paul Golding    Britain First    Political  Commentary

Jeff Taylor     Scripted Dry political commentary 

Laura Towler    Young straight talking female Nationalist

Grannioptery.         Female political Commentary

Secret Sources.      EX Police Turned Truther

Mark Collett      Patriot Interview's / Week in review 

Way Of the World.     Calm Commentary with Slick Slide Show's

We Got A Problem,     Dry concise political Humour

Earthling Carl    Calling out ** using stat's & source

Simon Sideways  Out spoken trucker with great energy

The iconoclast   Straight talking commentary with slide show

Anne Marie Waters.      Political Activist  "For Britain"

Patriot Talk.       Patriotic slide show's



Grand Torino.   On the ground journalist and host

Gemma O'Doherty   Anti Corruption  journalist  

Dave Cullen  Well known with great commentary 

keith Woods    Young bright coming up fast   

Downswing Player   Concerned with immigration

The  Green Room    She reads articles and critiques them 

The Don   Think detail  backed up with source

Critiqued.  Host that cut's to the chase 

Irish Patriot    Host with live call in show

Gript Media.    Online news paper

John Waters.      Writer & Journalist



Sanity4Sweden    Under stated but to the point

The Hated  One   tech and security based with slick production

Peter Sweden.     independent journalist and political commentator.



Martin Sellner   Focused on corruption and immigration  GI Leader



Avi Yemini    Host and on the ground reporter calling out ***

Sky News Australia     News broadcaster on the side of common sense

Gary Orsum     Clear Concise Commentary with slick production



Red Pill Germany   Calm insights of the geo political landscape-



Syrian Girl.      Insight's from within the Middle East.




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